maandag 16 maart 2009


Moi en mieux is the title of Clarika's new (fifth) album, and it sounds like a best-of indeed. Claire Keszei (her real name) sings her beautiful ballads, bobs her head to hot-pink electropop and puts on her sunglasses for some mariachi-rock. One of the best songs imho is Rien de tel (qu'une petite chanson), that reminds me of great Clarika songs like Les garçons dans les vestiaires. It starts with a classical intro, then changes into a groove, adds horns and chorusses. It's very Beatles-esque, and has various singers, like the ensemble of a theatershow. Also good is single Bien Mérité, see video here.

Very nice review of Clarika's album in Les Inrocks.

Clarika - Rien de tel (qu'une petite chanson)

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