zondag 1 maart 2009

Olivia Ruiz

Maks already stated that Marie Pierre Arthur's album is his favourite Filles-cd of the year. Bold move. He might reconsider when he reads what Olivia Ruiz has in store. A new album, featuring collaborations with The Noisettes, Lonely Drifter Karen & Buck 65, who programmed the first single Elle Panique. The album will be released in April, can't wait to hear it. It seems like she dropped the southern French, northern Spanish influences (although she did release a Spanish version of La Femme Chocolat), and maybe will incorporate the Burkina Faso-rappers she worked with on the EP by her brother Toan. Also good to know - all songs are in French.

Olivia Ruiz - Elle panique

6 opmerkingen:

  1. ''so far'' I said. So far.
    That means Olivia has about one month to finish things and prove that I was completely wrong.
    Her first single is a good sign already.

  2. this track sounds great. i love the blog btw keep up the good work! who's the girl in the banner at the top of the page?

  3. @ Colin:

  4. should you have the buck 65 collaboration, i'd kike to hear it. buck's da man.


  5. The single is the Buck collab. Could be more on the album, but B65 did the programming for Elle Panique

  6. sh*t, man, I seem to read far too fast ;-). Will send Rich Terfry (= Buck 65) the link.