zaterdag 10 september 2005


I called Jane B. the über-fille sourire, but Francoise Hardy is a very close second of course. She also worked with Gainsbourg, was (or still is?) involved with Jacques Dutronc, was a sixties icon and is still highly respected. Last year a very fine album came out, Tant de Belle Choses, on which she worked with Benjamin Biolay, Ben Christophers and Thomas Dutronc (her son, I presume). On cd-r compilations I make with filles sourires, Jeanne, the song she did with J-B and Nicolas from Air almost always pops up. It's dreamy, bit sad and refers to great Gainsbourgian times.

Hear here.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. If I were to buy only one Francoise Hardy album, which one would that be?

  2. I think La Question is the best album (I will post a track later this day), but it's only Francoise with guitarplayer Tuca. Comment te dire adieu is more orchestrated and has a few hits on it.

  3. Francophile Étoile15 september 2005 om 08:52

    As a starting point, I would buy "the Vogue Years" Compilation. It's a 2 disc/50 track thing and its very very good.

  4. She is so still ivolved with Dutronc they're still married, I believe.
    And her latest album is great.