zaterdag 10 september 2005

Jane B

First post must be of the mother of all filles sourires, Jane Birkin. She's made a lot of albums, mostly with songs written by Serge Gainsbourg. After seeing her in a very short white dress with white pull-up stockings in the tv-special accompanying the release of Serge's Melody Nelson-album (available on the recently released double-dvd D'Autres Nouvelles Des Etoiles), I finally had an image of how the perfect fille sourire should look like.

Fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il se sauve is one of the most beautiful songs she's ever sang.
Hear here.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. For those who liked Jane B's version of Fuir le bonheur should check out Ariane Moffatt's version... very nice!