donderdag 22 januari 2009

Axelle Red

Belgian beauty Axelle Red wanted to quit the music biz, she said two years ago after the release of her very strong album Jardin Secret. In a nutshell: the stress of being a part of the music industry had taken it's toll. In interviews she took that back a little, then announced writing a book. But now Sisters/Empathy is released, a double album (insert 'women can't seem to make up their mind' joke here). Most songs are in English - it's not the first time Axelle abondons French, but this time on a whole album. The songs are inspired by Axelle's work as a Unicef-ambassador - subjects are opressed women, rape, child abuse, sisterhood and whatever the Dylan-song Gotta Serve Somebody is about. Heavy stuff, but remember: Axelle is a certified soul singer, and has almost never sang about the weather or birds 'n bees. Haven't heard the whole album, just bits 'n pieces. There are very few double albums that I really really like (Wilco's Being There, Beatles' White Album), but I think I will concur with this reviewer: nice album, that had improved if it was just a single disc. See video here
Axelle Red - En dessous de zero
Axelle Red - She's defective (with Tom Barman)

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