donderdag 15 januari 2009

Oh Canada: Emilie Claire Barlow

I confess: sometimes it's the picture that makes me want to post about a girl, and not so much the music. That is the case with Emilie Claire Barlow, a Toronto-born jazz-singer who gets compared to Diana Krall but, as this site points out, 'while Krall's performances have a sultry, dusky, very nocturnal quality, Barlow's singing has favored a youthful, girlish sweetness.' That may be true, I think her rendition of Dream a Little Dream of Me in French has a sultry, dusky and nocturnal quality too. Okay, it's cocktailjazz, and when it comes to jazz I rather put on this guy, but you have to agree that ECB is picture-perfect.

Emilie Claire Barlow - Les Yeux Ouverts

1 opmerking:

  1. Boy does she need to work on her pronunciation! She totally mangles words, worse than Americans do. It's painful and undermines the lyrics.