vrijdag 23 januari 2009


Let's stay in Belgium, for Vincent Liben has already made one of the best French language albums of the year. Yes, it's January, I know, but trust me: it won't get much better than this. Liben didn't ring a bell, he's part of the band Mud Flow that I'd never heard of. He's also the producer of the first Marie Warnant album, and frequent FS-visitors must remember that fizzy haired lovely. Tout va disparaitre is Liben's solo offering, with very delicate, well-crafted songs that wink to great French artists like Hardy, Yves Simon and ofcourse Gainsbourg. That said, Liben does have a personal, distinct sound and a warm, darkbrown voice. Serge is very much present when Vincent duets with Stephanie Croibien, an angel with a honeydrenched voice. She sings two solosongs, highlights of the album. Duet 30 Decembre deserves to be a big hit.

Liben - 30 Decembre

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  1. La fille au Prisunic28 januari 2009 om 12:41

    Trop bon! Et en plus il est Belge!
    Chéri Prisunic sera étonné quand il apprend que je connais son pays un petit peu mieux que lui. Merci Guuzbourg!

  2. The album is available on www.t4a.com