maandag 5 januari 2009

Oh Canada: Chloé Sainte-Marie

Brûlots by Chloé Sainte-Marie was taken from the compilation Putumayo presents Quebec. So far, it's the only song I've heard by Chloé (real name Marie-Aline Joyal), who hails from Drummondville. She's an actress turned singer, and recorded three albums so far. From the liner notes of the Quebec comp: 'Brûlots is from Sainte-Marie's 2002 album Je marcha á toi. It is based on a poem by Quebec writer Patrice Desbiens, with music composed by her frequent collaborator Gilles Bélanger. The title refers to a small fly, or midge, that is prevalent in the summer in Québec. Sainte-Marie sings of the gentle yet passionate intamcy of love. 'Oh sweet drop of rain, oh sweet rain coming in, on the furrow of my skin, you name calls out to mine.'

Chloé Sainte-Marie - Brûlots

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Your Oh Canada should really be called Oh Québec. The rest of Canada have no clue who all these singers are because they don't get them om TV or radio.

  2. Top! Direct een driedubbel album op gescoord! De canadese dollar staat laaaag!!

  3. Actually, Natasha, the Radio-Canada station (French language version of our national public radio) is broadcast from coast to coast. You can hear a lot of this music there...

    Check out, select the tab at the top of the page that says "régions", pick your province, and then select the option "Où nous capter" on the left half of the screen to find the radio frequency in your area.

    Or you can just listen on-line, as can anyone anywhere in the world!

  4. @Anonyme I come from Montréal myself, almost worked for Radio Canada, but decided to live in Europe :)

    What I meant to say is that Anglophones aren't usually interested in anything French Canadian or maybe times have really changed for the best and I should check it out.