donderdag 1 januari 2009

Oh Canada: Call Me Poupée

Oh Canada-month on Filles Sourires kicks off with the Canadian Lovers: Call Me Poupée. A duo consisting of Ken and Poupée, the latter wears garters, stockings, panties, a bra and not much more on stage (oh, and sunglasses). They hail from Montreal, released one album and just like their counterparts The Lovers they refer to Serge & Jane, country and that good time rock 'n roll. They describe their music as electro-tex-mex-twang-garage with a beatbox, and that's spot on. See video here. Myspace here.
This month, it's just French-Canadian music on this blog. Guestposts and tips are more than welcome!

Call Me Poupee - Sex Symbole

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Bonjour,

    moi j'aime bien Sylvie Dumontier (Shilvi, dans son incarnation enfantine groovy, écoutez par ex. "Ma p'tite poupoune"

    1 autre bon site de référence pour la musique québécoise:

  2. thanks for the tip. nothing wrong with sounding childlike, but this is overdoing it, imho.

  3. Check out Michèle O. Her first EP is coming out this year, the demos are promising.

  4. Call Me Poupée sounds funny.......seems like the two of them also know legendary/wonderful The Cramps and their their punkabilly, 50s r&b world...

    happy new year!

    Thomas from Munich