maandag 5 januari 2009

Brazilian Interlude: 3 Na Massa

Luciane from Brazil on the seductive, Gainsbourg-inspired music by 3 Na Massa:

With 13 Brazilian seductresses on the loose, there's no escaping 3 na Massa, the kinky and sweet side-project of producers Rica Amabis (Instituto), Dengue and Pupilo (Nação Zumbi). The three guys are the beats and most of the lyrics, but the flavor in this dough is really the variety in the spice: the singers and actresses invited to perform on each track of their self-titled debut album. Instead of passive bossa nova muses, these women do one hell of a job giving voice to the minimalistic, intense and boudoir-like poem-lyrics -- all talking about men and women and everything they can do under the tropical sun. Think Chico with a Gainsbourg twist. Both were an inspiration, and Serge comes out really strong in Certeza, which sets the mood and is just the right intro to entice les filles fans. Leandra Leal (pictured) whispers an open invitation for you to follow her lead. With her confessed fertile imagination and predisposition to please, who needs more? The provocative and playful beat combined with her irresistible appeal just make you titillate with anticipation. Twelve more seductresses ahead and I doubt you'll care you don't know a word of Portuguese.

3 Na Massa - Certeza
Video HERE

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  1. Thanks a mil for bringing this to my attention. Can't believe I missed this stuff as it's right up my street and has an impeccable background: records from Nublu (the NY breeding ground of Brazilian Girls), Amabis' 2000 CD Sambadelic and Nação Zumbi get a lot of play in my space-age bachelor pad. Sorry, must be off to order the CD!