zondag 18 januari 2009

Oh Canada: Ariane Moffatt

Not every artist featured in this Oh Canada month was approved by every visitor - that's fine with me, but I do not accept any critique about Ariane Moffatt. I first heard her lovely voice on a Putumayo-album, in 2005, got hooked and quickly bought all her albums. Montréal-based Moffatt pairs gentle electronics to folky strumming, but on her last album Tous les sens the electronica got a bigger say. Ariane was ready for the dancefloor, so to speak. To emphasize the pushbuttonobjects even more, this month a remix-EP was released, featuring treatments by Deadbeat, Akufen and Pheek. I love the dubby reggaebubbles that Deadbeat put under Je veux tout. Tous les sens EP was released on vinyl, but you can buy it digitally via Audiogram. See Ariane live here.
Also below, my alltime favourite song by Ariane, Combustion Lente.

Ariane Moffatt - Combustion Lente
Ariane Moffatt - Je veux tout
Ariane Moffatt - Je veux tout (Deadbeat remix)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Don't worry she's lovely.

  2. And don't forget Andrea Lindsay. Seems to me that she would be your quintessential fille fragile/sourire!


  3. She's been on Filles Sourires, and yes, she might return.

  4. Your a napalm attack on my salary, Guuz! Just got a three cd box from Chloe Sainte-Marie (really really great!) and the Coeur de Pirate (really really fresh) album straight from Canada (Ebay is great!) in the mail!

    Do you know anything about a new release from Daphné?


  5. A new release? Her second album (if I counted correctly) was released last year, called Curumin. I heard she's going to play in Utrecht, but didn't hear anything on that recently.

  6. OK for Andrea Lindsay. This a major fille. I mean, she even has THE gap between her front teeths!

    Now, what about Naila? She also has a bit of a gap.

    Check it out at www.naila.ca and her "Bora Bora" video on YouTube.

  7. Naila! Thanks for the tip! Put her on my blog asap!