donderdag 1 januari 2009

Oh Canada: Amylie

Most visitors and me went all gaga for Coeur de Pirate last year, and rightly so. But Amylie from Montreal (by way of Mascouche) is worth drooling over just as well. Her debut Jusqu'aux Oreilles was released in '08 and features tender songs with lots of electric piano and a fragile voice that reminds me of the first Camille album. Found a few appreciative reviews, but my impression is that Amylie Bruit didn't make a big impression on her home turf (could be wrong here). Shame, because songs like the ones featured here need to tickle as much ears as possible.
One reviewer compared Amylie to La Patere Rose, an electronica-trio with an equally lovely sounding singer. Couldn't find mp3s, but here's a video.

Amylie - Mes oreilles
Amylie - Les pieds dans les larmes

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