woensdag 1 juli 2009

Annie Dufresne

An actrice slash singer who looks like a burlesque-dancer, who sounds like one too, who sang with an electro-legend, who covered Plastic Betrand and who now made a more folky popalbum. Meet Annie Dufresne from Quebec (happy holidays, Canadian readers!). She's new to me, but she did quite some acting, and made four solo-albums. She worked with Electro Lise, see a video here. Rapping isn't her forte, I'd say. She also sang with Trans-X, the legendary electropopband best known for this song. Melodie pour coeur brisé is the titletrack of her latest album, that features more hushed tones, less electronica and more fragility. Just the way we like it.

Annie Dufresne - Melodie pour coeur brisé

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Annie Dufresne she hot!!!! god actress god signer and pretty a lot of talent .... JG

  2. This girl totally rocks... plus she is a hottie... i live in montreal and its not rare to see her enjoying life on Le Plateau...

    check out theses great video/photo of her album launching... you'll get to discover the real Annie Dufresne!




  3. Annie,

    Is an icredibly talented young star. She has a huge future ahead of her, with her great personality and smoking hot look.

    Keep it up.

  4. Bravo pour Annie! Ça rock en masse! Yeah, good artist!

  5. She is not only pretty hot and talented ... but she is a very generous person on stage and also in real life ! I have the chance to work with her. She is a real star ... rock star.


  6. Annie Dufresne est la femme la plus sexy du Québec, tout en étant simple, talentueuse dans tout ce qu'elle touche (musique, ciné, bijoux) et en plus elle est super sympathique et amusante. Wow! quelle femme! J'l'adore.


  7. Wow:) Thank you all of you's!!! It's really appriciated and inspiring!!! I'm going to write a new song... Keep on smilling and enjoying life! Peace, Love, hugs and kisses, Annie aka Lise xx xx xx