dinsdag 7 juli 2009

Late Night Adult Show

Highlighting Magali Noël, we also have to talk about her exceptionally seductive Strip Rock, another 50s superbabe wet dream that surely influenced young Serge G., finally resulting in Strip-tease, a showcase tune for Juliette Greco as well as for Nico – the first recording of La Prémiere Belle Dame Sans Merci in 1963, a few years before she went down to the narco underground. And even Magali’s and Serge’s early partner in crime, the highly distinguished Alain Goraguer, returned to the fine art of undressing with his spheric soundtrack for the science-fiction animation movie Planet Sauvage in 1973.
Burlesque show bonus: John Barry’s tropically humid strip tune from the British exploitation flick Beat Girl starring the sensationally sensuous Gillian Hills, plus Bruno Nicolai’s sweltering fuzz guitar skin symphony from La Notte Che Evelyn Uscì Dalla Tomba. And maybe then it’s time to remember the immortal words of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer: „There are only so many ways a woman can undress. I guess I’ve seen ’em all.“

Magali Noël – Strip Rock
Juliette Gréco – Strip-tease
Nico – Strip-tease
Alain Goraguer – Strip Tease
John Barry – Stripper
Bruno Nicolai – Funeral Striptease

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