donderdag 9 juli 2009

Chansons du Soleil #7

Most guys in the audience probably witnessed something like this. Sixteen, seventeen years old, first time on holidays without parents. Crime scene: a random costa in Spain. At the camping site that you and your friends are staying, also stays this other group of friends. And they're female. Whoohaa, time to get this party started!
But after a few days, as the flirting clouds of hormones have gone away and couples have been made, you suddenly see that other girl, the one you ignored at first. The quiet one and she's much more interesting than the one you're with now. You decide to stay loyal to the girl you're with, but for years your thoughts will go back to that other girl. The unreachable, mysterious beauty.
I guess Françoiz Breut was such a girl. Elusive but attractive. Fragile, but strange and intruiging. Same goes for her music.
At least we don't ignore that now.

Françoiz Breut - La Boîte De Nuit

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