zondag 19 juli 2009

Contact High

Enjoy pot? Serge G. obviously did when he wrote the hypnotic touch-me anthem Contact in the late summer of 1966 for his soon-to-be-flame Brigitte Bardot – a little warm-up for hotter things to come, and resulting in recording sessions that never took place on time. As Serge used to apologize: „Every time I put my shirt back on, she takes it off again.“
Contact has been covered by dozens of artists, among them Japanese entrepreneurs Pizzicato Five with the divine Nomiya Maki doing a fine postmodern, if somewhat stiff disco version. But be here now: With their brand-new retro adaptation – released on the Mexican Summer label in May 2009, limited to 550 copies –, San Francisco-based venturers Wooden Shjips transfer Contact back to that smoke-filled garage where the Seeds, Neu!, and Hawkwind once used to practice: 8:21 min of spacy repeato guitar loops, drum minimalism & heavy petting freakout. Just one question left ... erm, wjhere’s my lighter?

Wooden Shjips - Contact
Pizzicato Five - Contact
Brigitte Bardot - Contact (Booka Shade Edit)

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  1. Nice addition to this post: http://fillessourires.blogspot.com/2007/10/contact.html

  2. The Gentle People did a stunning remix of P5's contact. It's on the COmbinasion Spaciale EP.

  3. Hot stuff!


    The Contact Man