maandag 6 juli 2009

Chansons du Soleil #5

With her album L'Idéal (2008) Barbara Carlotti showed us a more sunny side of herself than with Les Lys Brisés (2006) did. Less folky, less sixties, but she kept her elegant and yet passionate ability of writing frivolous songs that stick.
Pour La Nature was recorded for L'Idéal, but was also approved by Guuzbourg, as it appeared on Filles Fragiles 2. The song sounds fresh, has trumpets, handclaps (!), yes you'd almost say Carlotti became danceable. Well that's probably one step too far, but Carlotti - the most sophisticated fille fragile - did record the most sweltering soundtrack for calm rosé drinking evenings downtown.

Barbara Carlotti - Pour La Nature

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