maandag 6 juli 2009

Magali Noël

Mademoiselle Adeline, she of the great nightradioshow Nacht van het Goede Leven, plays songs from my blog almost every week. But songs I post, also trigger her to dig deep in her own (excellent) collection. Last night she played Boris Vian-songs, because of this post. She unearthed a gem I never heard before, the first French rock 'n roll-single from 1956. And it still rocks! Lyrics by Boris Vian, music by Alain Goraguer. Sung by Magali Noël (pictured with Jean Gabin), a French-Turkish actress who was perfect for acting out this risqué song. If you have no clue what the whacks and cries are about, watch this video. Or this one. See Magali (and her daughter) sing it live here.

Magali Noël - Fais-moi mal Johnny

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