donderdag 30 juli 2009

When Ricky covered Keren

Ricky Koole is one of Holland's best, if underrated singers. She's a succesful actress, but made three albums so far with breezy countrypop and -rock. All covers, slightly re-arranged. Her drive is to unearth lost classics, to introduce great songs to a wider audience. She gets help from 'pop-professor' Leo Blokhuis, Ricky's partner and a really nice guy, I might add. Together with Dutch tv-host Mart Smeets, Leo makes the radio-show For the record, two hours of Americana, soul and the odd French record. Auteur-radio at it's best. During the Tour de France, Mart presented the nightly talkshow Avondetappe. Ricky and Leo were guests one night, and she played a perfect cover of Keren Ann's Not Going Anywhere. You can see her here (around 32.30 min).

Ricky Koole - Not Going Anywhere
Keren Ann - Not Going Anywhere

In other news: Berry is playing Amsterdam Paradiso on 9/20. So that means GainsNord presentation on 9/18, Berry two days later and on 9/25 Radio Oh-la-la's Retour à l'école-party @ De Nieuwe Anita.

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  1. Berry @ Paradiso?! What a great news!
    And did you already notice that Coeur de Pirate plays the Orangerie in Brussels the 14th of october?