zondag 5 juli 2009

Chansons du Soleil #4

Gorgeous newbie Claire Denamur recorded a very intimate and warm lovesong this year on her magnificent self-titled debutalbum called Elio. Though the track balances on the edges of kitsch with its flute-intro and summersounds of crickets at night, it miraculously stays just at the right side of it. Even when she dares to come up with the marimba (how cheesy can you get!) somewhere halfway the track, it all remains reliable. Must be her exciting husky voice that I keep playing the track on and on again. Elio is a very lucky guy.
Do also check the YouTube link down here where Claire plays Elio live in Bruxelles. The crickets are replaced by the Andrew Sisters, as she plays a piece of Rum and Coca-Cola their huge hit from 1945 instead of it. What a voice - live even more exciting than on her CD - and what a talent.

Claire Denamur - Elio

Elio live @ La Rotonde du Botanique de Bruxelles

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  1. Elio is one of the standouts of her album, c'est un chanson tres bonne...excellent debut CD by this gem of a woman.