maandag 6 juli 2009

Magali Covered

In lots of ways, Fais-moi mal Johnny was the first modern French pop song, sexy, ironic, frenetic, and cool at the same time – a tune that directly leads to Serge’s first ten inch record Du chant à la une!, released in September 1958 and arranged by none other than the great Alain Goraguer who composed Fais-moi two years earlier.
Of course, Magali’s rendition is simply unimitable. That’s why Les Indispensables don’t let it rock & jive, but swing, while Sue et Les Salamandres did a nice neo-rockabilly version on the b-side of their quite rare 1983 Rock du Klebs single. Put your cat clothes on!

Sue et Les Salamandres - Fais-moi mal Johnny
Les Indispensables - Fais-moi mal Johnny
Two more versions, by acapella-greats La Bande Magnétik, and 60s band Les Charlots:
La Bande Magnétik - Fais-moi mal Johnny
Les Charlots - Fais-moi mail Johnny

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