dinsdag 21 juli 2009

Lady & Bird

Lady & Bird is the sideproject of Keren Ann and Bardi Johannsson, together they made one album (in English). A project that was ahead of similar sounding (and equally great) teamups like She & Him, and Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs. Been a while since we heard from both Keren and Bardi, but this week a track from an upcoming live album was released. Forward and Reverse is a dramatic song that was released first in 2003 on the album Something Wrong by Bang Gang (= Bardi). @Fillessourires.com, we love everything by Keren Ann, and we're glad she resurfaced again - although we hope and pray she will return to her French Luka Philipsen days.

On the forum of this fansite, I read that there was a title for a new KA-album posted on Wikipedia, The badger and the steam engine, release 2009. But no news after that. Also on that forum news that Keren Ann worked with Emmanuelle Seigner on her new album (in French, yay!).

Bang Gang & Keren Ann - Forward and Reverse
Lady & Bird - Forward and Reverse (live)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. there were 2 albums??????
    such amazing fantastic news!
    off to find the other. my day keeps getting better and better.

    you = the best

    thanks for this and the clue to a 2nd album

  2. everything i can find, wiki, myspace, keren ann's website says there is only one lady & bird album.

    i have the self titled masterpiece one, what is the other.

    i am in desperate need of this info.

    thanks in advance.

  3. There's only one album, sorry Randy. My bad.

  4. There is a live EP including 4 tracks from the first and only album. Keren Ann and Bardi Johansson will perform live in Paris with a symphonic orchestra at Salle Pleyel, a place devoted to classical music and opera.

  5. Ther is only one album.
    Keren Ann and Bardi will be performing as "Lady and Bird" on october 27th in Paris. Let's hope it can mean a second album will be released soon !!