vrijdag 3 juli 2009

Chansons du Soleil #1

It's no use trying to determine why a certain song becomes a big summerhit or not. There are loads of quality songs that could have easily conquer with stupidity like The Ketchup Song, Bamboleo or The Macarena, but one way or another didn't make it to the charts. Well, then we make a list ourselves.
Coming up the next few days: ten Chansons du Soleil (some old, some more recent) appealing to the sentiment of that special summerfeeling. Hot, loungy, catchy, maybe a bit lazy, but always sung by a FS approved fille.

Nuff said, the first in this serie is one by La Patère Rose, the Canadians who released an absolute brilliant album earlier this year with a divers mix of serious piano-driven songs and danceable, upbeat tracks on it as well. Cute and original melancholic electro-pop that is, sung by chanteuse Fanny Grosjean. The track Décapote starts off with a sweet piano-intro followed by a fresh beat and Fanny's somewhat hoarse and cheerful voice. Besides that, this track contains the essential summerhit features: a bit of love and a melody that will immediately stick in your head and won't leave you till the end of summer.

La Patère Rose - Décapote

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