donderdag 2 juli 2009

Rose Virginy

There was a time when I would click myself a repetitive strain injury just to find new exciting unknown filles. Unsigned dolls, like her, or her, who needed to be championed. But the regular filles with a label took over, somehow. Shame, because there still are a lot of talented, unpolished potential fragile singers out there. Like Rose Virginy, the band of Virginy L. Sam. You can buy a 5-track demo via theire Myspace site. Virginy's voice is deliciously lolita-like, the sound of her band needsd some adjusting. Less rocking, more fragility. Best song on that demo-EP is Se Fendre en Deux.

Rosevirginy - Se fendre en deux

Mymajorcompany, a platform for new talents, also has a few very nice new talents under their wings. Like Maxime. And Hanna. I already mentioned Joyce Jonathan and Margaux. The last two are recording an album right now!

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  1. Agree on the Rose Virginy writing.
    But what about Roxane Krief? If Rose deserves her own topic, Roxane definitely does too!
    Check her tracks, especially 'Paris En Bouteille' and 'Rue Des Mauvais Garçons'. Delicate piano- and accordeon playing, cool but seductive singing and great looks. Roxane has it all. FS approved.

  2. I know Maks, that's why I posted about Roxane about 4 times. click on'her' in this post too.

  3. Ehr.. :-D
    I did click, that's why I was enthusiastic. Must have missed those previous posts though.

  4. See the comment below this post: Recognise anyone?