woensdag 14 oktober 2009

Andrea Lindsay

A week or so ago, Sky posted a wonderful version of Hardy's Le temps de l'amour by Sarah Nixey. Canadian beauty Andrea Lindsay also recorded a lovely version on her just released new album. Keywords when it comes to Andrea are grace and elegance. The songs on her second cd are piano-driven, sometimes sparse, sometimes arranged with lots of brass and organs (like the colourful titletrack Les sentiments dormelles). Her girlie voice is strong, yet hoarse. She's born in Ontario, therefore not Francophonic. As before, there are a few English songs on her album but it's mainly French. This because of a coup de foudre with the language when she was 18. Hey, we've all been there, right?

Andrea Linsday - Le temps de l'amour

See Hardy & Dutronc's version here.
Sarah's version here.
April March's version here.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Just because someone is born in Ontario - does not mean they are English. There are many French communities in Ontario. She is Franco-Ontarienne. She went to school in both English & French. Canada has two official languages... French & English. French speaking people don't only reside in Québec. Merçi.

  2. From Andrea Lindsay's official biography (on andrealindsay.com): 'Andrea Lindsay est originaire de Guelph en Ontario. Anglophone de naissance, c’est lors d'un séjour en France a l’âge de 18 ans qu’elle découvre le Français et en tombe littéralement amoureuse.'

  3. It's foolish to believe that biography. It has obviously been romanticized to gain success. I'm certain, as a Canadian, Miss Lindsay would have discovered French at an earlier age - in her own country, province and city - prior to her being 18. Canada has 2 official languages. French & English. Maybe you should visit! We have great French music here too. I love your site. Thanks for posting superb music.

  4. Why would she make up this biography? I have visited Canada, and I know there's great French music coming from your country. I've posted lots and lots of French-Canadian artists on my blog. Maybe you should read it.

  5. Maybe we come to the conclusion that she romanticized her bio because Guelph is a major bi-lingual city in Ontario and it's very French. There's literally no way to grow up in Guelph without being exposed to French. Impossible. Don't be so naive;-) It's SHOW-business. I know, I've worked in "the biz" pendant beaucoup d'annes :-)