donderdag 8 oktober 2009

Roxane Krief

Ah, sweet Roxane. Wrote about her way back when. Now she's 19, and her debut album is out. Autoproduit, with four jazzmusicians. It's one of the best albums by a fille fragile I heard this year. It's tender, it's versatile (there are country-touches, Balkan-influences, classical interludes, and there's even a short jazz-drumsolo!) and it's from the heart. Roxane writes about what she feels, what she's been through, what she sees and the listener knows it's all true. It's all real. At times it's like the jazzheads take over the album. Guitarplayer/arranger Julien Regnier certainly leaves his mark, but I do think it's Roxane's album, that this is the album she wanted to make. We're talking major talent here. See an interview here. Buy her album via her site.

Roxane Krief - Train de vie

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good stuff, but the cover designer should be tarred and feathered, and fast.

  2. Listened to he my space. Nice indeed. But she also sounds very much as Sophie Zelmani. So probably it's time you start a swedish "Filles Sourires" blog as wel ;-)