zondag 11 oktober 2009

Sélection de Lundi: Laila France

In 1994, Nick Currie alias Momus placed an ad in French Nova magazine: „Girl singer wanted for an album of songs in the style of 1970s Italian soft porn films.“ The final babe of his choice was half French, half Thai art student Laila France whose role model was clear right from the start. She was going to be Momus’s European clone of Kahimi Karie – Her Majesty of the Irresistibly Whispered Japanese Ultra Babypop who had recorded a good dozen of knockout smash hits with the Scottish artist –, while Momus stuck to his usual role: the sophisticated swine. Accordingly, Laila’s only album Orgonon, released in 1997, feels a bit like heard-it-all-before, especially when she’s covering Kahimi. However, her very own Trashy Like TV is still high libido old school, and of course Momus lied in his ad. Laila’s voice may be soft, but everything else here is spelled with a capital X.

Laila France – Trashy Like TV
Laila France – The Sensations of Orgasm

Kahimi Karie – David Hamilton
Laila France – David Hamilton

Momus – Coming in a Girl’s Mouth

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  1. Very nice. I remember this album, it was ace. Momus, the king of sleaze we salute you.

  2. Finally someone who shares my awful taste.

  3. Hi Sky, see

    take care, Thomas