dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

Carmen Maria Vega

If you bought/downloaded On N’Est Pas Là Pour Se Faire Engueuler, the wonderful tribute to Boris Vian, you've heard Carmen Maria Vega. She sang Bourrée de Complexes, for most people (like me) the introduction to the versatile, energetic miss Vega. Her debut album (no title) is out now, and to me she sounds like the younger sister of Pauline Croze. Voices are similar, but CMV is livelier, and adds more swing. Chanson traditionnelle, fables punk, rock néo-réaliste et swing manouche, says her Myspace about her influences. There's also a comparison with Claire Denamur: both CD and CMV did not grow up with French chansons, even missed out on some of the greats. Carmen counts Ella Fitzgerald (like CD) as her biggest hero - she even does scat-vocals like Ella. Still, there's a big Edith Piaf reference as well. Not a bad thing. This is the single, but I post a more gentle song.

Carmen Maria Vega - Dessous les toits

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