vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

Charlotte Gainsbourg

After her excellent 5:55, Charlotte Gainsbourg will be back on December 11 with her new, meanwhile third album IRM – the three letters standing for Imagerie par Résonance Magnétique, a medical imaging technique used in radiology to scan the body. Charlotte’s experience with the IRM tube after her water-skiing accident in 2007 apparently triggered a creative process she refined with postmodern entrepreneur, pop artster, and Scientologist Beck who wrote the music for the complete album, and also took care of the production, svengali-style. From today, the title track can be downloaded via Charlotte’s website – or below. Fortunately, the song sounds much better than the whirring and grinding of the tube: a trip to dark and moody grounds, with unmistakably hypnotic qualities.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM

4 opmerkingen:

  1. ohmygod! i am downloading it now...i can't wait. i love charlotte (despite her graphic clitectomy i had to watch close up at the cinema!)

  2. it's like she's challelling yoko ono (thta's a compliment!)

  3. It sounds like an imitiation of Broadcast.

  4. Oh, cool. Can't wait for the album.