donderdag 8 oktober 2009

Lulu Gainsbourg

Anita was so kind to send me last months edition of Gala, featuring an interview with Lulu Gainsbourg. The youngest son of Serge (now 23 years old, Bambou is his mother) who studies at Berklee College in Boston, and is working on his own musical career. He wrote a song that's on Marc Lavoine newest cd, called Quand je suis seul. It has some Sergian touches - because of the use of Fender Rhodes and the s-l-o-w tempo. An updated Melody Nelson-outtake. A couple of interesting quotes and facts from that interview:
- He was a bit afraid to write a song for Lavoine, but now has written over ten songs.
- Lulu's favourite Serge-songs are La javanaise and La chanson de Prévert. He sang them on 14 July in Boston, with members of Serge's old band.
- Nathalie Portman is his idea of the perfect woman.
- He never met Natacha and Paul, Serge's eldest children, and his relation to Charlotte is 'un peu compliqué.' He says he has not heard Charlotte's album 5.55
- He looks forward to Joann Sfar's biopic, and thinks actor Erick Elmosnino is great playing Serge.
- Serge once said about Lulu: 'Ce gamin, c'est un vrai cocktail Molotov' (This kid, he's a real Molotov cocktail) because of his heritage: born from a German-Chinese mum, a descendant from German aristocracy, and a father who'd worn a yellow star during WW II.

Marc Lavoine - Quand je suis seul


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