zaterdag 3 oktober 2009

Covers Deluxe: Isabelle Aubret

Good luck wasn’t always with blonde French beauty Isabelle Aubret: In 1963, Jacques Demy and Michel Legrand had chosen her for the lead role in Les parapluies de Cherbourg, but then she had a severe car accident and La Deneuve took over. Though she had won the Eurovision song contest with the melancholic Un premier amour a year earlier, Aubret never was a pop starlet, but a true chansonette. Among many fine songs, her 1971 version of the never aging Brazilian smash hit Mas Que Nada under the title La ville est là is especially remarkable, adding a breezy dose of Mediterranean summer to Jorge Ben’s 1963 original samba groove.

Isabelle Aubret – La ville est là
Jorge Ben – Mas, que nada!

Before Aubret, a certain Michelle Richard already had recorded a French version of Mas que nada which sounds oddly out of tune, but features some not-too-bad barroom piano hammering, though from a dive you probably wouldn’t enter twice.

Michelle Richard – Mas que nada

PS: Apparently, the editors of Ultra Chicks Vol. 6 misspelled Mademoiselle Richard's name. Michèle Richard is French-Canadian, still active, and has also done cover versions of Un homme et une femme and Serge's Bonnie & Clyde. Thanks to Natasha, here's the latter, with a great Morricone-esque choir, Mountie-style:

Michèle Richard & Denis Pantis - Bonnie and Clyde

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  1. i have just watched 'acoustic' on TV5 with ariane moffat - she sang a cover of jane brikins fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il ne se sauve- it was marvy!

    do you have a copy of this? i can't seem to find it?

    p.s. thanks for the cd- review coming soon on blowupdoll!

  2. I have Michèle Richard songs à gogo, just say when and where.

    I know the guy of the Ultra Chicks compilations personally and someone somewhere must have messed up the spelling.

  3. And chansonnette (spelled correctly) is a ditty not a person. Please look these things up first :)

  4. Hey, French needs some improvements ;-)

  5. Mordi, see the new post featuring Ariane and Jane doing Fuir le bonheur.

  6. Poor french versions of Mais que nada, sorry. They put the fire and latin fever out of it........greetings, Thomas