zondag 4 oktober 2009

Sélection de Lundi: Lai, Laila, Lesbians

Clever stunt: When Les Chansons de Bilitis came out in 1894, Pierre Louys claimed to be only the translator of those erotic verses allegedly written by an unknown ancient Greek poetess, and caused a literary sensation. Sapphic passion was hot then, but eighty years later it became even hotter, when soft-focus lensman David Hamilton used the classic poetry touch as a camouflage to display loads of nubile skin in his 1977 „adaptation“ of the Bilitis poems that Louys had knocked off himself on the Lesbos of his mind. Though the flick features ex-Andy-Warhol muse Patti D’Arbanville, Hamilton's then-girlfriend Mona Kristensen (see right) and other fragile b-cup maidens, the only real star of the movie was Francis Lai’s soundtrack – calm and cloudless, true daydream believing.

Francis Lai – Promenade

Extra hottie: Half Thai, half French singer Laila France with a hypnotic, electronically charged Bilitis hommage, featuring Momus on Serge vocals. More Laila next week.

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  1. That picture on the right is not of Patti but of Mona, Hamilton's muse and lover at the time.

    Oh, and I worship this soundtrack by Francis Lai! It's divine!


  2. flou dans l'objectif5 oktober 2009 om 04:21

    luv your blogg

    "came out in 1894"

    oh yeah 1894 already :)