maandag 5 oktober 2009

Jane, Ariane

When Serge Gainsbourg decided to put the French National Anthem to a reggae beat (Aux Armes Etcaetera), French nationalists and veterans were not amused. In fact, when he toured with a very good, but also very black reggaeband they sometimes had to run for their lives. Not at Palace, the famous Parisian (Montmartre) venue where the band recorded a great live album in 1980. Just now, Jane Birkin released a double live album also recorded at Palace. No reggaesongs here, but a lot of Gainsbourg-material. Including Les Petits Papiers, Ex-fan de Sixties, Pauvre Lola, and Fuir le bonheur. Backed by a small band, it's not as great as the Arabesque-album, but it's nice to hear her sing more recent songs, like the title track of her last studio album Periode Bleue. Posted here from that double live album is Fuir le bonheur. Bonus is the version of that same Serge-song by Ariane Moffat, who sang it recently on a TV5 session. See here.

Ariane Moffatt - Fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il se sauve
Jane Birkin - Fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il se sauve (live au Palace)

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  1. Hey Guuz, great versions, merci. It seems to be that you changed the link. Moffat`s link is Birkin and vice versa....greetings, Thomas

  2. YAY!!!! brilliant - thanks for the ariane version!