dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

Luciano vs Keren Ann

On his new album, Lucien Nicolet aka Luciano, samples Keren Ann's Liberty (from her latest, untitled album) for his track Celestial. To quote the press-bio: 'Luciano concots a heady, heavenly song that builds and builds so gently, you never notice your feet leaving the ground.' Luciano is a Swiss-Chilean dance-producer who's new cd Tribute to the Sun also sports collabs with Martina Topley-Bird and Ali Boulo Santo. Filles like Keren have been remixed and sampled before. Usually the outcome is so-so ('cept for the Henrik Schwarz remix of Camille Ta Douleur) - my feet stayed firmly on the ground during Luce's track. But for you, it might fly.

Luciano - Celestial
Keren Ann - Liberty

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