maandag 26 oktober 2009

Covers Deluxe: The Haunted

If we can trust the words of their rhythm guitarist Jurgen Peter, Montreal’s The Haunted were „the most sought after and highest paid Canadian band for many years“. We’re talking the mid-60s here, when their 7“ 1-2-5 was a favorite among Canuck deejays and late night kerb crawlers:

Walkin’ down the street/ on a foggy night
I saw a young girl/ standin’ under a light
Her face was pale/ and her skirt was tight
I had a five dollar bill/ I felt alright

After that, they couldn’t outdo themselves anymore – but Jimi Hendrix, with their French language cover version of Purple Haze, the mind-boggling proof that Jimi never really inhaled. Only ex-Hendrix collaborator Johnny Jones could top their take with his third and last 45 for the Brunswick label in 1969.

The Haunted – Vapeur Mauve
Johnny Jones & The King Casuals – Purple Haze

The Haunted – 1-2-5
Lime Spiders – 1-2-5

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