donderdag 29 oktober 2009

Brigitte Sisters

'Brigitte est alcoolique, depressive, fille facile, boulimique, de sortie, amoureuse, suicidaire, sexy, pas dupe.' Just so you know. Posted about this female duo before (see?), they just posted a couple of new tunes on their Myspace. The remix of Battez-vous is soso, but the original version is great, with upbeat handclaps, a little guitar (imitating that plopping bass-sound I love so much) and a very sixties-bridge. The girlie voices go together like a horse 'n carriage. Hit, in many ways! Clip here!

By the way, I take it that Mayane (in pink) was expecting a baby during the photoshoot. She sure looks pregnant on her own Myspace.
In other news: if you're wondering where the Rose-post went: DMCA Takedown, baby.

Brigitte - Battez-vous

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