maandag 21 september 2009

Benjamin, Catherine, Christophe & A Loulia

So much great French music is out now, or will be released very soon. There's new albums by Mickey3D (see below), by M, by Murat and by Miossec (what's up with all those M's?). The latter has his seventh cd out, Finisteriens. He made it with Yann Tiersen and it's a firm stew of songs that reek of Northern France - full of waves, fish, fierce winds and weathered faces. I'm posting the single, A Montparnasse. You can spot that signature piano by Yann immediatly. Talking of signatures; I was surprised to find out that my friends of A Loulia (they appeared on Filles Fragiles #2) covered a signature track by Miossec - Brest. Great version! See a video of A Loulia's version here.
Thanks to SOM, I got the new single by Catherine Ringer, the much loved and respected singer of Les Rita Mitsouko. She overcame the death of her (musical) partner Fred, and will release a new album before Christmas. The first single sounds promising.
Last but not least: Benjamin Biolay. His album is called La Superbe, and it certainly is. A double album (released in October), sporting his (here we go again) signature soft whispered songs, some Britpop-ish stuff, electronics, songs sporting fast, loud guitars and Argentinian rap (!), and girls, making me sigh. Like the duet with Jeanne Cherhal (pictured).

Miossec - A Montparnasse (see video)
Miossec - Brest
A Loulia - Brest
Catherine Ringer - Je kiffe Raymond
Benjamin Biolay & Jeanne Cherhal - Brandt Rhapsody

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  1. pour Loulia et sa chanson Brest je ne dirais qu'une chose merci ELSA "Ten vas pas"....