zaterdag 19 september 2009

Mickey 3D

A real stunt? To write a song about a Dutch soccer legend and top the charts in France. French indie entrepreneurs Mickey 3D did so in 2004 when they paid homage to seventies football striker Johnny Rep – already their second no. 1 hit after 2003’s eco-guitar-pop-gem Respire. With their brand new, meanwhile sixth album La grande évasion 3D masterminds Mickaël Furnon and Aurélian Joanin return to the soccer theme with La footballeuse de Sherbrooke, as well as to their trademark recipe: partly melancholic, partly upbeat alternative pop, superbly arranged and interspersed with singer/songwriter attitude, chanson-style. Not a single weak tune here, my favorite one right now being Yula (Ma Fiancée Galactique) – a quiet, tender earworm you won’t get out of your head anymore.

Mickey 3D – La footballeuse de Sherbrooke
Mickey 3D – Yula (Ma Fiancée Galactique)

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