woensdag 23 september 2009

Gigi, the follow-up

You remember Gigi, don't you? The Black Flower? Gigi Gaston, that Bulgarian born beauty who became a huge star in the 1960s in France, with unforgettable songs like Je suis perdue, who led a life filled with tragedy, cruelty, stardom, sex, money and murder. She disappeared in 1973, after she was acquitted after that Italian murder trial, you surely remember that? No? Well, of course you don't. Gigi Gaston only exists in the mind of Josh Gosfield, an artist who made up her life, her songs and her pictures. On October 22, an exhibition on Gigi 'The Black Flower' Gaston opens in the New York City gallery of Steven Kasher. There you can dream along to the greatest yeye-singer that never was. But she lives, if you want it.

Gigi Gaston - Je suis perdue (If you think Gigi sounds a heck of a lot like Holden's Armelle Pioline, you're right)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. i went to the opening last night.
    the pictures were gourgous, but maybe it was the crowd, but the music was drowned out.

    but i can listen to it anytime i want on youtube, so not a total downer.

    I really wish they would do a whole album though.

  2. oh, just forget about my previous comment. comes out this woman didn't even exist. some exocitization of gypsy women again. to think i fell for it! i am part gypsy myself that's why :)
    ella veres.