donderdag 24 september 2009


This Friday, me and Natasha will play the funkiest, the rockiest, the bestest French music there is, was and will be @ the Rentrée a l'école party. Fellow vinylspinners Cowboy & Henk are present as well. Gotta come early, for Amsterdam's De Nieuwe Anita fills up pretty quick (and closes early). Natasha has some more parties up her sleeve, as you can see (or click here). Martin Hemmel and maestro Minimatic are a-coming too! In October, I am dj-ing often in the deep south of Holland. Maastricht, to be exact. On October 9, I'm playing jazz and funk (and some French ditties) here, and on October 24 it's even more jazz here.
Gainsnord is coming to Maastricht as well. On November 20, me and grandmaster Pierre Elitair are spinning the Frenchiest flavours @ Café Ipanema. These guys will spice things up with, eh, spicy flicks.

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