dinsdag 1 september 2009

La Fiancée

Could this be the Year of the Claire? After Claire Denamur, here's another jewel in the crown of fragile French pop: La Fiancée. Don't know her last name, but she's called Claire and her EP is one hell of a way to start the new season. It's simply beautiful. Claire sings vulnerable, but not without strength. Her songs have angel choirs, thick Gainsbourgian basslines and subtle acoustic guitars. There's a sixties vibe, but it feels very now. Florent Marchet is on board as musical director and composer. Hope her album will drop this year. A very good year.
(Yes, she appeared on this blog before. Here)

La Fiancée - Cette autre

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  1. lesson-in-melancholy late summer hit ... fille to watch!

  2. Awesome..
    Find it very nice and wana more time to stay here