donderdag 17 september 2009

Emilie Simon

Dreamland, the first single from the new album by Emilie Simon, was a warning: Kate Bush had always been a big reference, but now she tried to out-Kate her heroine. I've heard the full album The Big Machine, and it's the biggest disappointment this year. Gone is the iceblue atmosphere of her debut, she tries to really sing instead of just whispering softly in my ear and the music is the idea-free, Depeche Mode-light. Don't get me started on the lyrics. To sing in English wasn't a good idea on Végétal, though I liked her versions of Come as you are, and I wanna be your dog. But this is truly horrible. One song has a few French lines, but that's not helping either. Bye Emilie, nice knowing you.

Emilie Simon - Fools like us (from Dreamland)
Emilie Simon - Dame de Lotus (from Végétal, for old times sake. See the beautiful video)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. la unica artista francesa que vale la pena es Emilie Simon.
    Todo lo demas es un desastre...
    Por algo se fue a vivir a NYC

  2. I like her poise. She gorgeous. Thanks for sharing..

  3. I agree with you... Even there is 2 or 3 good tracks... A big machine and a big disapointment !

  4. well, my copy gets sent in the post from on monday, and i'm still optimistically looking forward to it! Her lyrics in English have never been her strong point, but you kind of get over that because she sounds so great. Depeche Mode lite is fairly damning, but still, i'm hopeful!

  5. David, love to hear what you think once you heard the full cd. But I fear we agree.

  6. Oh I love Emilie Simon! I hope this album is not a 'big disappointment' - her others have been so, so good.

    Fingers crossed for an international release soon. (or at least stocking- is too expensive for postage).

  7. Agree 100% with this review - the new album is a huge disappointment after Vegetal. There is no inovation or freshness - just a rehash of 80's Kate Bush.

    Very sad. Emilie is so much better than this.