vrijdag 11 september 2009


Ödland is a German word for Wasteland, but the realm this band comes from is ruled by Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat. Actually, Ödland are from southern France, featuring Lyon-based pianist Lorenzo Papace and singer Alizée Bingöllü, an actress and fille sourire for sure, though quite a special one, sounding like a cross between Vanessa (you guess which one) and the ghost of a well-educated little girl from the 19th century. Ödland’s music is labeled as folktronica on the net, whatever that may mean, but it’s surely much more, interweaving highly alluring chamber music with the spirit of British bonbon artpop babes Lollipop Train, amalgamating ragtime splinters, animals’ voices and innocent whispers into something half chaste, half supersexy, playful and beguiling all the way. Just the right path to dreamland on some of these nights - but do not download without a surrealistic pillow.

Ödland - La chanson du parasite
Ödland - Les yeux de l'oiseau

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