donderdag 17 september 2009

Winner! (3)

Anna Maria, regular guestposter from Sweden, wins a copy of Gainsnord with her entry on her fave Serge song:

Anita Lane, Nick Cave's old flame sang a lovely version of Overseas telegram on chief Bad Seed Mick Harvey's Serge tribute Intoxicated Man. It's in English but Lane's vocals are very suited to Gainsbourg's material. She's got that breathy close-mike Jane Birkin approach that works so well and makes this one of my favourite Gainsbourg covers.The strings are bursting with yearning as are the vocals on this version. You can really believe she misses her man. Lane’s take on other Gainsbourg songs including Je t’aime... moi non plus with Cave have also been inspired and infused with that unique Serge spirit. I think this particular version of the song would be well suited for a film soundtrack. She makes albums far too seldom, only having made two solo records and appeared on two of Mick Harvey’s Gainsbourg tributes.

Mick Harvey & Anita Lane - Overseas Telegram

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