zaterdag 19 september 2009

Gaisnord presentation

It was a blast, really. If you were there, you experienced a tight beatband (West Hell 5), gorgeous ladies (Janne, Geraldine, Yaso, Flux, Flora Dolores), a poet (Serge van Duijnhoven, named after Gainsbourg), a charming Wallon (Marc of Suarez), one heck of a violinplayer (Melika) a Dutch house-legend (Eddy de Clercq) and the transtastic Yovanna. The latter spiced things up in a very Madame Arthur-ian way (as you know, Serge worked for the famous Parisian gay cabaret, plus he and Jane went there on their first date). I cried, I laughed, I was embarresed, I danced. It was everything I hoped it would be - and very, very Serge. Janne is pictured on the right, for more pictures by Igor Freeke see HERE. Thanks also to Marco & Natashka for spinning the black circles, and the scopitones. Here's a taster of what you missed yesterday, a live recording of West Hell 5 featuring the supersexy Flora Dolores on lead vocals and the fragile Flux and yours truly on backing vocals, recorded earlier today @ ShoutingBoots. (Thanks Jaap, thanks Lars)

West Hell 5 feat. Flora Dolores - Qui est "in", qui est "out"

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