donderdag 10 september 2009

Melanie Pain

When it comes to Melanie Pain, I never get tired of telling people that I dj'd with her (and Phoebe) on New year's eve, a few years back. Mel was playing Nouvelle Vague-ish stuff (originals, mostly), and wore a string of Christmas-lights around her neck. Which gave her an angelic glow. I was mesmerized, just as I am every time I hear her sing. Mel's album My Name came out earlier this year, but fell on deaf ears. Luckily, they changed the cover and added some bonustracks, which means that the label still believes in the strength of the album. Which is nice (and right). One of the bonustracks on My Name is a Blur-cover. This may look a bit cheap (and too Nouvelle Vague-ish for some), but I think it's a nice addition. Still, Little Cowboy and the beautiful duet with Julien Doré are the highlights.

Melanie Pain - Girls and boys

See original version here.

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  1. She once told me I was a great songwriter, which was the highlight of my life.