zondag 13 september 2009

Sélection de Lundi: Radiah Frye

When tormented Italian-French superstar Nino Ferrer met lovely Afro-American model, dancer, and singer Radiah Frye, he probably fell head over heels in love. On his 1966 single Je veux être noir, Nino had already declared that he wanted to be black, and now he had a perfect playmate to tighten up his groove – exactly what he did on Nino and Radiah et Le Sud in 1974, a fine album with an even finer cover portrait on which Radiah exposed her impeccable body to the public.
Before she pursued a brief career as an actress in Spermula, Madame Claude, and Goodbye Emmanuelle (adults only, please; the latter two scored by Serge G.), Radiah again posed for a record sleeve with only the radio on. Her adequately titled, hard-to-get solo 7“ Play-boy Scout (1975) features a strikingly sexy babefunk version of Nino’s Italian garage rock shouter from his excellent 1970 album Rats and Roll’s.
Radiah is still around. Don’t forget to check her MySpace page, and her website as well.

Nino and Radiah et Le Sud – Mint Julep

Nino Ferrer – Je veux être noir
La Grande Sophie – Je veux être noir

Radiah – Play-boy Scout
Nino Ferrer – Playboy Scout

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