zondag 20 september 2009

Berry en direct

Franss went to see Berry today @ Paradiso. He came floating back on cloud nine. Read his review below:

Did you like Berry’s Mademoiselle album? If so: you ain’t seen nothing yet. I mean, we all have this album in our heart as a wonderful album by one of the artists you discovered through this site. One of the favorite filles, singing softly, and whispering smooth songs.
But then, you are missing something. Today, she sang in Paradiso in Amsterdam, Hollands only true pop-temple. I expected she’d play upstairs but it turned out she played the Main Hall.
Only little more than 100 visitors saw a wonderful concert. Very relaxed, wearing a simple white t-shirt, Berry (accompanied by two guitarists) gave us something you don’t get with the album: That smile! Aaah.. It isn’t for nothing this site is called fillessourires.com. That brilliant 'sourire' that really makes you melt, it is an extra you don’t get with the album. She was so much enjoying herself and mesmerized everyone with that smile. All the songs from the album were played including a beautifully subtle Plus Loin. The highlight for me was a very sexy and sultry version of Chéri (imagine her sighing the “encore”’s at the end…). One new song was played, Voila l’été, a cover of the Beatles’ Here Comes The Sun. After an enthusiastic applause she returned with a surprise song Capri. Most people in the audience knew this song only from Hervé Villard, (but visitors of this site already knew it of course…)
So, if you like Berry go see her live! You’ll like her even more!
(photo by Pierre Jean G/Pierre-jean.net)

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  1. As for the only true pop-temple ... the Melkweg ain't that bad either, eh?

  2. I agree: great show. She played some days later in Munich in front of 170 people..there she also played a very cute version of Comment te dire adieu