dinsdag 15 september 2009

Winner! (2)

And Matthias wins a free copy of Gainsnord because of this post on his fave Serge-song:

In my present mood, my favorite Gainsbourg song is undoubtedly Ce Mortel Ennui from his debut Du chant à la une, released in September 1958. Libération said that the guy on the cover of the nine track longplayer had the face of a killer. I wouldn't agree, but perhaps Serge had the heart of one. The whole album is full of asshole coolness, machismo erection blues, and a slow burning jazz groove that feels like the hero of Boris Vian’s „I Spit on Your Graves“ spending a late evening in St. Germain watching all those skirts go by. Lots of great songs on the record, but the sick-of-it-all attitude of „Ce Mortel Ennui“ surpasses them all. The fuck-you-frame of mind, the misogyny and universal boredom are already foreshadowing the later Serge, drowning slowly in that endless current of body fluids and red wine.

Serge Gainsbourg - Ce Mortel Ennui (Video)

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