zondag 20 september 2009

Sélection de Lundi: Elinor Blake

Before April March refined her francophile schtick with 1995’s Paris in April, afterwards became a Burgalat protegé and finally a Quentin Tarantino favorite, she was – still Elinor Blake then – part of a quite different scene. In 1988, she recorded the 7-track EP Spring Fever under the moniker of The Pussywillows, with her friends Lisa Jenio and Lisa Dembling. Spring Fever, recorded for the Telstar label in Hoboken, NJ, featured pure 60s retro girl pop in the vein of the Shangri-Las and the Chiffons. Live and studio-wise, the three ladies were accompanied by the likes of Elinor’s then-boyfriend Mike Chandler (Raunch Hands/ The Outta Place), Gun Club guitarist Ward Dotson, and Deb O’Nair, the ravishing blonde organist from NYCs neo garage punk legends The Fuzztones.

The Pussywillows – Come on Now
The Pussywillows – The Boat That I Row

The cute American baby pop of the Pussywillows was soon replaced by the more punkish attitude of Elinor's next project The Shitbirds – oscillating between the spirit of the early Pandoras and her alter ego's efforts with The Makers in 1997 –, and another band with the similarly alluring name The F-Holes, who sadly remained unrecorded.

The Shitbirds – I Want You
April March & The Makers – Try to Cry

Elinor’s ex-Pussywillows collaborator Lisa Dembling resurfaced with the lovely named Sexy Death Soda, while Lisa Jenio today plays with the Candypants, under the stupendous motto: With five people, it’s fantastic.

Candypants – Nerdy Boys

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